Role of recruitment consultants in hiring

Any new employee can be successful in their new job only if they join the organization with correct expectation of their responsibilities, role and future prospects.  Recruitment consultants play a very important role in bridging the gap aboutexpectations from both ends i.e. Candidates expectations from company and vice versa.

“Role of recruitment consultants is that of a catalyst, they smoothen and speed up the hiring process.”

Forstaffing has been servicing Jobseekers/companies in Indian IT industry since December 2005. Over last 5 years we have placed 100s of candidates in their dream job.  We firmly believe that recruitment consultants are extremely important for any organization in their hiring process.

Candidates depend on recruitment consultants to get advice on salary packages, prospective employer, role offered etc. Organizations also take advice from consultants because sometimes they are unsure about people they have interviewed want opinion from another person. A neutral opinion from a trusted person matters a lot in such cases for job seekers as well as companies.

It is always in interest of  jobseekers to speak with recruitment consultant before applying for a job. Jobseekers can get to know the prospective employer even before applying for it. Consultants can answer questions about things that are usually not mentioned on the website the company.

Job seeking IT Professionals, especially who have some experience sometimes apply for similar job in multiple companies to compare the fitment in terms of role/work culture/salary and their growth path. They can get all information through consultants without applying anywhere.

Companies depend on the consultants to share their post interview feedback to the candidates, such as Negative feedback, Hiring plans getting delayed, Salary negotiation with selected candidates and Reference checks. Companies also depend on recruiters to source information on industry trends in hiring, expected salaries by different roles etc.

It is very important  for the recruitment consultants to be  effective in this role of a trusted advisor. This is the only way you can build long term relationships with your customers which in this case are both Job seekers as well as  Organizations.

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