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Oscar Wilde once said “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.”

Money was always important but as the buying power of people is increasing its is becoming  more important. Earlier we would make money so that we could do things, be happy, now money has turned into the priority. Rich wants to be richer and richer wants to buy an island or perhaps a nation.

Traditionally people were rooted in one place, only traders traveled but most people worked in the towns they were born. But now we are ready to work anywhere in the world even at the cost of moving away from their families, ancestral homes and towns. Money and growth have now become a deciding factor for one’s status in society. If paid well people are ready to travel long distances everyday and work in any environment.

There are circumstances when one cannot travel, for example – a mother of two children, her responsibility as mother would not allow a very educated and capable young woman to go out and seek a job. However, every individual needs to have some level of financial independence. Even teenagers/college going students would like to supplement their pocket money with some additional income if it is possible to work from home without taking a regular job.

Work from home

Now, it is possible to work from home and execute projects like data entry from home, content writing, online surveys and even tele-calling. These jobs only require three things – a good speed broadband connection, a computer or a laptop and basic skills like MS word, excel etc. Your company provides a phone if they wants you to do tele-calling. You dont’t need  to be a graduate  or have a flashy degree to take up this work. You can work whenever you want, with no boss or regular work hours or time limitations. All you have to do is work sincerely and meet your given targets. It also enables you to set your schedule according to your working capacity for the day. What else an individual would ask for if he is being paid by just doing some easy work on internet from home.

Time is money, Online jobs have made it easier to save time of traveling back and forth from office.

Work from home scams

You may find many websites advertizing ‘work from home’ services these days. Be careful, because some of these are fake, find out more about that company before registering into it. If possible visit their office. Most importantly, if they are asking for any upfront registration fee, don’t pay. When you work from someone they are suppose to pay you, it doesn’t work the other way.

The biggest problem that you may face is to find work that satisfies both your monitory needs and passion. To get started with online jobs you have to find a job that suits your interests. if you are good at writing you must go for the freelance content writing job and if you are better with typing and data entry you must take up one of that sort.

Tips for working from home

To become a successful freelancer one should maintain discipline in their working hours. Since there is no boss or manager, who is going to get the work done by any means, you are your own boss. Ensure you maintain certain discipline..

  • Have fixed hours when you will be working from home. House work expands and will suck up all your time if you don’t dedicate fixed hours to your freelance engagements.
  • Since there are no fixed office timing it may happen that family people consider you as available all the time, inform them about your work hours and politely request them not do disturb you during this time.
  • Stick to the target that you have promised to your employer or customer
  • Take only as much work as you can handle.

So, if you have dreams, which are yet to be fulfilled or you want to have financial independence and add some extra money to your bank balance start working from home.

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