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Internet has evolved into a medium which people are using more and more to interact with friends, family members and even colleagues. Though email has been there for a few decades, Facebook and Twitter have evolved into a more interactive platform. Lot of web based tools are being used by teams and organization for collaboration.

Face book and twitter are the most popular websites for networking these days. There are plenty of other websites which are called social media sites. These are categorized as social bookmarking websites which include Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, social news websites like huffingtonpost and social networking websites like facebook, hi5, Linked In. Other important players in the domain are youtube for videos etc.

Jobs in Social Media

Advertisers spend money wherever people spend time. Every organization, ad agency wants to get attention of people while they are surfing. Since so much time is spent by so many people on internet this seems to be the best place for Brand building.  Due to this jobs in social media are growing at a fast pace. As the craze for networking sites is growing day by day, such jobs are also expected to gain much more popularity in coming years. A social media specialist job is extremely entertaining for those who love to interact with people and are passionate about exploring social networking platforms.

Social Media Specialist / Social Media coordinator

A Social Media Specialist, or digital marketing specialist plays a significant role in the marketing team these days. Social Media specialist is expected to make strategies to promote products and services of the organization online. He/she owns the online brand image of the organization.

Primarily Social media specialist will own the SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) for the company, which means branding on twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Reddit and similar social media sites.

Jobs as an SEO Expert ( Search Engine Optimization expert)

Search engines are the first place where people go for information these days. Your job as an SEO Expert will be to get company’s website appear in the first five results when someone is searching for products that your company sell.

You will need to have good understanding of search engines, analytics, keyword analysis etc

Jobs as Search Engine Marketing Expert (Jobs as SEM Expert)

A SEM or a search engine-marketing professional in a company is responsible for setting up marketing campaigns, which relate to client’s products and services with an effort to convert browser to a buyer. Because of dominance of Google in Search Engine space SEM specialists end up spending a lot of time with Google Adwords. You will need a good understanding of optimizing your campaigns on Google Adwords. Words like CTRs, Conversions etc will be part of your daily lingo.

Jobs in social media space could be very rewarding and interesting. This space changes so fast that your job never becomes mundane. You will have to constantly in touch with new developments in the industry and tweak your campaign accordingly.

If you are a social media specialist do share with us with your experiences..

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