Chief Information Officer – Role and Salary of CIO

“If you don’t change the direction you are going, then you are likely to end up where you are headed.”

One question that often troubles people in IT industry is…. what next? Where am I heading? When will I be ready for my next role? What does it mean to be IT head of a company or an CIO? Should I aim to become a delivery manager or CTO?

Well you need to answer these questions yourself. However it will be good to understand the definitions of these top roles and salaries that they make today.

Chief Information Officer

Need of CIO in an organization

To stay ahead of the competition organization needs to be fast and efficient and technology plays an important role in helping you achieve this goal. With increase in competition sometimes technology becomes the key differentiator for the organization.

Chief Information Officer are also called IT or technology head in some organizations. CIOs come from technology background. CIO typically reports to CEO, in some organizations CIOs also report to COO (chief operation officer). Qualification required to be CIO of a company would be BE, B.Tech, ME or M.Tech from a good institute. Typically CIO will be having relevant experience of 12 to 18 years.

Role and Responsibility of CIO

Responsibility of CIO may vary depends on type of organization, in general it includes providing IT strategy in line with the organizations business strategy. CIO creates the IT plan and vision for the organization. CIOs are responsible for successful implementation of IT strategy of the organization and ensuring that the organization is moving with times in terms of technology. CIO heads the IT department in the organization and ensures smooth implementation of IT initiatives as well as buy-in from other divisions.

CIOs also interface with all key divisions of the organization to successfully implement and deploy strategic IT solutions.

Salary of a Chief Information Officer ( CIO) can range between 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs

It is a demanding and challenging job. Though CIOs come from technology background and are responsible for technology, this job is more about management than technology.






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