Amazing trend – Want to join a big company

As a recruiter in the IT and telecom industry for 7 years it is my job to speak to jobseekers and employers. Forstaffing has worked with several companies including startups and multinationals. I speak to many people daily from all over the industry with different levels of experience. There is a distinct trend that I have been observing in how jobseekers think. Most people go through these phases in their career.

Phase 1 – I Want to work for a ‘BIG company’

Most people during initial years of their career want to work existing for a big company, some also call it branded company. I often hear phrases that brand names “adds value to their resume”. Freshers join small or mid size company as compromise not as a choice.

Phase 2 – Onsite crazy, I wanaa go to the U.S.

There is a generation of IT professionals who only had one aim.. Fly to United States, get a green card and settle in the US.  As soon as they candidates have a job in the “BIG company” they start looking for onsite opportunities. Some companies are infact using this as a trick to attract talent. Though people are less crazy about settling abroad as there are many opportunities in India itself, onsite opportunities are still very desirable.

Phase 3 – Looking for substance in role

This same person as he starts moving into senior positions they start looking for substance in their role. They start looking for opportunities, responsibilities etc.. With some experience in a multi-national company they realize that stability, facilities and salary and brand name are important but they are not learning enough. They are “one Brick in the wall”. Experience candidates find it rather fascinating to join a venture capital funded startup.

I strongly believe that candidates should first focus on role in the beginning of their career. Join a good startup in the beginning, startups can give you fantastic experience and you are exposed to the entire process. In a Big company, large teams you will be responsible for part of the process with very minimal exposure to the overall picture. Not saying you should not work for BIG IT consulting companies, they can offer you challenging roles, however that’s not the place to begin your career.

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