Powerful but Fake resumes in services industry

Fake and overstated/exaggerated resumes are not uncommon in IT industry. It is impossible to assess and understand the real skill of an individual based on his/her resume. People write so many things in their resume that their actual relevant work detail does not get highlighted at all. Sometimes professional in services industry writes skills/overstate achievements in their resumes just because someone in their project is using it or doing that work. I think if relevant details are highlighted properly then one can expect more relevant jobs news and offers.

Take a look at a powerful resume in other words a fake resume

Applying for position of CEO / Managing Director.

Summary – CEO of Forstaffing.com for last 6 years. In this 6 years oversaw the growth of company from a start-up to a multinational. (We service clients in many countries.) 

Total Experience – 9 years

Current Salary – 15 Lakhs /annum but 90% of it is allowance including bonus+phone+ house+ medical+ Child’s education+ conveyance + incentives. Basic is INR 7000 /month.

Current Location – Delhi/NCR. Can attend telephonic interview for any location but don’t want to relocate out of Delhi/NCR. I am attending interviews to know my market value.

 Work Experience 

 Sales – Sales target was assigned as 20 Crore and have always achieved more than the assigned target. But the operations people could not deliver and company is on the brink of shutting down thats why I am looking for a change. Of course operations have other story to tell.. 

Recruitment – I had a recruitment target of over 200 people every month but none joined.

Interviews – Take technical interviews for all position – .net, java(hibernate, spring, struts), Php, sharepoint, Ruby on Rails, Sales, DBA(oracle/SQL/Linux), Cloud testing, research/business analyst, Marketing(online/ corporate) etc… and whatever new technology that is not even invented. But most of my candidates fail the technical interview.

 Marketing + Branding – Has made a brand that can compete with fortune 100 company of the world but people have never heard of Forstaffing.

 Client Servicing – Have handled more than 500 clients at a time but none of the clients ever returned.

Accounts – Take care of audit, ledgers of the entire company. But I don’t understand the difference between credit and debit. Please ask accounts related queries in simple language.

Everything was done by me but we also had a 15 people team I am not sure what they were doing.

In most resumes everything after the BUT is missing but as someone wise once said “Everything before the BUT is bullshit”

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