Ruby on Rails interview with a fresher

This candidate applied for job posted for ROR. As per his resume, he is a computer science graduate. We called him for the first round of telephonic interview. We couldn’t interview anyone for sometime after this one…

Interviewer: Is Ruby on Rails  open source?

Candidates: I don’t know

Interviewer: Explain some features/advantages of  Ruby on Rails over PHP?

Candidates: I don’t know

Interviewer: Have you ever worked on Ruby on Rails?

Candidates: No

Interviewer: Why have you applied for this job?

Candidates: I love railway related work. I can do any work related to railway. I can give hundred percent effort in this work. I love that types of work. I think I am born only for railway work. Please give me only one chance.

P.S. – This is a real incident. Recruiters job can be a lot of fun sometimes.

Do let us know if you had similar stories to share..

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