Best paymasters in IT Industry in India

Dataquest ( IT Magazine) and Cyber Media Research (CMR) recently published results of their annual IT survey. This survey typically compares many aspects of different organizations including salaries, pay scales.

This survey does not really reveal the best paymasters as such because the biggest and the most popular IT companies did not participate. This survey does not include data from Infosys, TCS, Cognizant Technology Systems, Oracle, IBM, TCS, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Microsoft.

Citrix R&D India was rated as the #1 paymaster and Mahindra Satyam as #2. Below is the list of all the Top 20 companies in the order in which they were ranked.

  1. Citrix R&D India
  2. Mahindra Satyam
  3. SAS Institute India
  4. Dimension Data (Datacraft) India
  5. SAP Labs India
  6. AGC Networks
  7. BMC Software India
  8. Philips Electronics India
  9. Intelligroup
  10. Tavant Technologies
  11. Capegemini India
  12. GlobalLogic India
  13. Nagarro Software
  14. Synechron Technologies
  15. Tulip Telecom
  16. Sybase Software India
  17. ADP
  18. FIS Global Business Solution
  19. Pitney Bowes software India
  20. Collabera Solutions India
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