How to create a good resume?

Do you know how much time a recruiter spends in looking at a resume? Not more than 1 minute per resume. However, does that mean you should spend the same time ( one minute) when you create / review your resume? Absolutely No…  because your technical manager or senior whoever will interview you will spend at least one hour interviewing you with your resume in his hand.

Multiple people go through the same resume that you create.

1.)    Recruitment consultant

2.)    Hiring Manager

3.)    HR Manager

4.)    Manager who you will be working with if hired.

5.)    Senior executives in the company, depending on your designation.

We often come across resumes that either of too little information or too much information. Resumes with grammatically incorrect English as well as resumes that are copy pasted from another resume. Surprisingly even experienced people have incorrect grammar, incomplete / irrelevant information in the resume.  Important things to remember is that your resume will be looked at by different people in different ways, so ensure you are providing enough information for everyone i.e.  good summary for recruiter and senior executives and a detailed Skills section for technical manager.

General resume Tips

  • Resume summary, first paragraph is the most important part of the resume. Do not waste this place with having a detailed objective etc. Use this space to write a small summary about yourself i.e. highest education, years of experience, key strengths, position that you are looking for.
  • Sometime people just mention company name and their designation (at junior level) without clearly describing their responsibilities. It is great that you worked in a fortune 500 company; however you have to clearly specify your roles and responsibilities.
  • Do mention all the important dates like graduation year in the qualification, leaving and joining year for the company you worked (months as well if possible), start and end dates on the projects that you have worked on.
  • Abbreviations (if used) for the name of college, university, company etc. make it a point to spell it out as well. IBM is a famous name but ABB might not be a known name unless you clearly spell it out.
  • Make sure your resume is not beyond 3 pages no matter how senior or junior your profile is.

TIPS for creating good resume for software / IT professionals

  • As a programmer or technology person, candidate should provide details of the skill / technology that they have “hands on” experience on.
  • Be precise and mention only the work that you have handled and your technical skills and capabilities
  • Do not assume that recruiter will understand that you have certain skills or you have worked on certain technology just based on your designation / title. Explain your role and responsibilities in details.
  • Typically organization will hire you for one or two technology skills. They will not hire you because you have C, C++, .Net, Struts, Java, J2EE, Hibernate and all everything else in your resume. Your resume should clearly indicate your key strengths. Yes you studied C, C++ and Pascal during graduation etc. However, can you really work proficiently in these languages after 5 years? Only mention skills that you have “hands on” experience on. There is no point in writing things that you only have heard about.

TIPS for creating good resume for project managers

  • Apart from the general tips mentioned above, clearly specify key projects that you managed and your responsibility. Biggest challenges in those projects.
  • Any project management methodology that you use like Agile SCRUM etc
  • Any project management certification that you have.

TIPS for creating good resume for Freshers

  • Do not fake it. My biggest advice to people fresh out of college is “DO NOT add fake experience in your resumes”. I have interviewed so many people who had no clue about things that they have in their resume. Fake resumes indicate integrity issue and no one will hire you knowing that you have lied to them in your resume.
  • Freshers are typically grilled only on resume. Be absolutely clear about everything that you put in the resume. You should be able to answer clearly any question about the projects that you have mentioned in your resume.

Hope you find these tips helpful. If you are an experience candidate do post your resumes on Forstaffing using the following link.

Remember, on job sites a detailed complete resume creates a fantastic impression.

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