Should I do an MBA

Found a very funny chart on career path in old times and now. Ironic but true.. Are we really going after experts in every field?

Is the industry  looking or focusing  on education of candidates when hiring?

How important is your education in your job? Can a MBA in” Strategy and marketing” perform better than someone who has 10 years of experience experience in the same industry?

Alumni from IITs,  NITs and Pilani  are the the most in demand.  Are IITns hired because of what they learned in IIT or because they are smart enough to crack JEE and get into IIT?

These are the questions that probably everyone struggles through during education and initial phase of career. Even after couple of years of working in the industry the thought of  “Should I quit and do an MBA?” bother many.  This is my personal opinion on Education ( education in India in particular) . Lots of blogs and articles that are published on this topic are published from an American / European perspective. Education system in India is different.

Engineers in India

In India we are mass producing unemployable Engineers / Graduates – An Engineer is expected to  know basics of the faculty they have chosen. A computer science graduate who cannot answer simple questions about Relational Databases has wasted four years in Engineering. Most of these engineers from private engineer colleges struggle to get their first job. Even if they manage to get into a small company, they struggle to perform. Primarily they learn everything on the job that they should have studied in University.

MBAs in India

What I said above is true for most MBA institutes as well. Most under graduates opt for MBA immediately after getting their Bachelors degree. It is absolutely useless to get into an MBA without any work experience. Also, it is better to get more industry experience instead of doing an MBA from an unknown B grade institute.

So when it comes to further education or specialization be careful about rating of the institute, faculty, placements etc.   Don’t just blindly fall for full page advertisements that this institutes print in magazines and news papers.

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