Startup hiring on the rise in India

It is impossible not to notice sudden rise of  Advertisements of e-commerce sites on TV. Watch television for 1 hour and you definitely notice across Ads from at least one startup. Sites like,, and I am sure there are several others are spending huge on Ads etc. Even if you don’t consider JustDial or makemytrip a typical Ecommerce company because they ahve been around for quite some time, there are still plenty of other eCommerec and  technology start-ups  that are advertising aggressively.

Most of these companies are venture funded, these companies are hiring  aggressively as well to maintain the growth rate they promised the VCs in their business plan. This might be  good news for the recession hit IT industry that their is growth in domestic sector.

Joining an aggressive startup can be the best thing for your career in initial years. If teh startup is successful and grows well, you grow with the company. You learn all the lessons first hand and more importantly, you get more responsibility than you ever will at a large company.

When it comes to salary, Only sector that can compare to salaries offered by large consulting companies is salaries offered by a funded startup. However, keep no doubt in your mind that is not easy to work at a startup, your job will be very demanding. Stress levels are very high and most of the times it will be expected from you to play a different role than what you were hired for.

One issue that most job-seekers face with startups is their demand for IITns or other premium colleges. As I said earlier as well, everyone wants to hire from premium colleges only. However, people who are best in what they do will always be demand regardless of education.

There are fantastic opportunities for sales and marketing managers from FMCG sector if you have proven track record.

I had covered in one of the articles earlier what one should be careful about when joining a startup. It is very very exciting though.. Good news for India job and hiring market..

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