No slowdown for IITs in India highest offer 52 lakhs

IITs seems to be having perfect placement season this year again. Why is this such a big news, this happens every year.. Isn’t it?  It is a news because we are supposedly in a “slowdown”. However, this slowdown seems to have no impacts on IITs. IIT final placements will start from December 1 and will go on till June 2012.

Let’s look at some of the numbers.

1.)    Highest job offer is from Microsoft to a student from IIT ( Mumbai). Offer is for $100,000 ( INR 52 lakhs). This candidate will be placed in Microsoft’s office in Washington.

2.)    Second highest job offer is from Facebook for $900,000.

3.)    IIT Roorkee highest offer is from Schlumberger for 32 lakhs.

These numbers are not exceptions for some very bright candidates. All the candidates this year are expected to get good package. Over 200 companies will participate for placement this year in IIT Bombay. They will be looking to get the best of 1200 candidates from IIT Bombay. Similarly 140 companies have conformed for placement this year in IIT Roorkee. Highest number of companies are going after IIT Delhi, Around 300 companies have have confirmed their participation in this years placement.

These numbers might not be indicative of the hiring scenario this year. Companies will continue to hire students from premier institutes but not hire as aggressively outside.  Lets see what the coming year has in store for us.

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