Facebook will be hiring thousands of people in 2012

If you don’t have a FB account it is possible you have’t heard of email either. Practically everyone who is connected to internet via mobile or any other way is on Facebook now. With the growing popularity of Facebook and as it prepares to go public sometime in 2012, FB plans to hire thousands of employee in 2012.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg  recently commented in a press conference.. “We are growing very quickly and have been through the economy”

Lots of these hiring will also impact India directly because this is where Facebook is growing rapidly. Unlike other companies like Amazon, Facebook doesn’t have to do any customization to monetize in India. Facebook Ads are built in such a way that Advertisers from India can target people from India.

Most of Facebook’s hiring in India might not be in Technology domain. Most of the development work in Facebook is still being done in US. However, there might be some opportunities for programmers in India as well.

So are you ready to work for Facebook?

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