Career choices for 2012

We need to change with changing times. Jobs that were hot in the 1990s were not so interesting in last decade. So what will be the best carrier choices in the year 2012.
Emerging media and new technology is creating lots of jobs these days. Some of the best career choices for 2012 are

1.) Jobs in Social media – Thanks to popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube. The new buzz word these days is social media. It has absolutely changed the way we work and interact with friends and family. Marketing and advertising companies spend money wherever people spend their time, so more and more companies now have social media into their strategies. It can be a fun job if you are a bit savvy with sites like twitter etc.

2.) Jobs in mobile programming- 3G and GPRS services on mobile has increased internet penetration more than anyone can ever imagine. You are a hot property today if you know mobile programming. I strongly recommend computer science students to choose a mobile application for your final year project.

3.) Creative writing – There is a huge demand for people who can write creatively and keep a company’s website up-to-date. Keep posting news and relevant articles on the website. There are many compaies looking for good writers and are finding it difficult to hire for this position.

4.) eCommerce –If you have any experience in eCommerce from sales, seo, social media to logistics. Your services are high in demand. eCommerce in India is just about taking off and there is a huge gap in demand and supply.

Important thing to remember is, there are many opportunities but you need to bring the required skills to the table. Don’t expect to learn on the job. You will not even be invited for interview..

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