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Facebook will be hiring thousands of people in 2012

If you don’t have a FB account it is possible you have’t heard of email either. Practically everyone who is connected to internet via mobile or any other way is on Facebook now. With the growing popularity of Facebook and as it prepares to go public sometime in 2012, FB plans to hire thousands of employee […]

Dataquest ( IT Magazine) and Cyber Media Research (CMR) recently published results of their annual IT survey. This survey typically compares many aspects of different organizations including salaries, pay scales. This survey does not really reveal the best paymasters as such because the biggest and the most popular IT companies did not participate. This survey […]

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IBM India

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IBM is one of the oldest technology company in the world. IBM is one of the biggest multinational worldwide with offices in over 170 countries. With over 99 billion dollars in revenue, IBM is one of the most profitable technology company. IBM started in India in 1992.  IBM has a large research center in Bangalore and several development center […]

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As a recruiter in the IT and telecom industry for 7 years it is my job to speak to jobseekers and employers. Forstaffing has worked with several companies including startups and multinationals. I speak to many people daily from all over the industry with different levels of experience. There is a distinct trend that I […]

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