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Should I do an MBA

Found a very funny chart on career path in old times and now. Ironic but true.. Are we really going after experts in every field? Is the industry  looking or focusing  on education of candidates when hiring? How important is your education in your job? Can a MBA in” Strategy and marketing” perform better than someone […]

This candidate applied for job posted for ROR. As per his resume, he is a computer science graduate. We called him for the first round of telephonic interview. We couldn’t interview anyone for sometime after this one… Interviewer: Is Ruby on Rails  open source? Candidates: I don’t know Interviewer: Explain some features/advantages of  Ruby on […]

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Fake and overstated/exaggerated resumes are not uncommon in IT industry. It is impossible to assess and understand the real skill of an individual based on his/her resume. People write so many things in their resume that their actual relevant work detail does not get highlighted at all. Sometimes professional in services industry writes skills/overstate achievements […]

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